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Debuted at SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada

1967 GMC Dually

For the 2017 SEMA Show, Finish Line Speed Shop and "Project Giving Back" decided to build a Full Custom GMC C-30 Dually, the cause will be for Cancer Research. Proceeds will go to the world-renowned Fred Hutch Center Research Center in Seattle,WA. Cancer has hit us or someone close to all of us at some point or another. Lyon was almost 8-years-old when his dad passed away due to complications from brain cancer. Tom was 34. One of Lyon’s favorite stories about his dad reveals the true “never let anything stop you” stubborn streak both Tom and Lyon possess. As a teenager, Lyon’s dad, Tom, crashed his father’s 58 Ford truck. Tom taught himself to do the body work and paint to fix it himself. That candy apple red truck became one of Tom’s most prized possessions. It is no wonder that Lyon became a self-made designer, visionary and entrepreneur.


Unfortunately, like most people today, both Lyon and his wife, Jennifer, have quite a bit of family and close friends who are battling this ugly disease.

At 33, Dana Colon was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As everyone knew she would, with the support of her family and friends, she beat the disease. At 41, free from her original diagnosis, Dana was diagnosed with a different form of breast cancer. She beat it again. Dana had a great few years of kicking cancer’s ass. Unfortunately, at 44, one more time, Cancer reared its ugly head. This time Dana was diagnosed with stage IV. Doctors say Dana will never be cured. Currently, Dana is busy proving cancer will not control her life, she is a warrior, refusing to allow the darkness cancer brings to outshine the positive radiant attitude she exuberates every single day. #FightLikeDana is real.

Kevin Veach was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer, also called Kahler’s Disease. Prior to diagnosis, Kevin had been to multiple doctors, specialists and chiropractors but he was left without any answer as to why he was experiencing so much pain. At 40 years old, Kevin, desperate, walked into an emergency room at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA. It was this place that doctors explained to Kevin this was much more than “back pain”. Since then, Kevin has astonished his medical team. Most patients with this disease are over the age of 60, and told they have a 3-4 year life expectancy. 3 years later, Kevin has had a stem cell transplant, all while remaining the happy and driven Kevin we all love.

Benny Jensen was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma in January 2008, his senior year of high school. Benny began chemotherapy immediately. His final round of chemo landed on his 18th birthday. After chemo and five weeks of radiation, Benny was placed into remission. Benny attributes his strength and courage to his biggest support system, his then girlfriend. now wife Melanie and family. He has often mentioned that battling cancer has made him a stronger person as well as kept his family bond so strong. Benny was told he would never have children due to the medicine he was given, but since, he and his wide Melanie have a perfectly healthy little girl that was brought into this world naturally. Benny enjoys talking about his experience and educating others on a subject that is so hard for many to talk about.


Cancer did not just stop with Benny, the Jensen family was hit again only this time it was with his mom, Tina. In July of 2016, Tina found a lump on her abdomen. Thus began a scary battle against time to figure out exactly what was wrong. From an appointment in urgent care, to ultra sounds to an appointment with an oncologist specialist, surgery was immanent. The wait to find out was painful....the answer, for most would have been very scary. But for a family already so educated and ready to battle, the news of stage one Ovarian Cancer was great news. Surgery removed it, no additional medicine was needed.

Benny and most of his family devoted hours upon hours of time on Finish Line's Project Giving Back, the BC-30. Benny, his brother Marcus and Benny's best friend Shane helped debut the truck at SEMA 2017.

Tom, Dana, Kevin, Benny, Tina and many more are a brave example of a courageous battle against this terrible disease, together; we can all honor their courage and determination by helping spread awareness of how to help with this fight. For without the financial means necessary to help research, a cure may never be found.

Tom McClenahan
Kevin Veach
Benny & Tina Jensen
Dana Colon
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